Solutions for Healthier Environments

Healthy Solutions

Banner Solutions can help you design openings that promote cleaner, healthier surroundings.

Door Hardware is one of the most common touchpoints on any building. To ensure the health and safety of all occupants and visitors, selecting the right hardware is critical, but knowing exactly which products are right for your situation isn’t always easy. The Banner Solutions team of hardware experts are equipped with the products and know-how to guide you to the best solutions. We can help you minimize the health risks associated with commonly used openings while maximizing accessibility. From automated and touchless to antimicrobial and hands-free, Banner Solutions is committed to delivering the right solution for every challenge our customers face.

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Product Solutions

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Provides access and egress through an opening without requiring the use of hand surfaces.Hands-Free Hardware
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Achieves access and egress through an opening without requiring any physical contact.Touchless Solutions
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Antimicrobial properties of metals such as silver and copper are effective in helping to control the spread of micro-organisms on common surface areas.Anti-Microbial