Banner Solutions is one of the largest stocking distributors padlocks in the US. With over 2,500 different items available and hundreds of keyed alike numbers from Master Lock, American Lock, ABUS, CCL and more, we have the stock available to support your business.

Key Safes and Cabinets

Sharing platforms like Lyft, Uber and AirBnB are becoming an increasingly common form of income for the average person. In the case of AirBnB’s the owner of the property need not always be present. The same story can also be said in the realty market where many realtors must access many properties and are unable to carry specific keys and credentials to each. In cases like these, access to the property must be provided autonomously. Where an intricate Access Control integration might not possible the simple solution of a key safe reigns supreme. Study, secure and offered with many types of combination access methods a key safe is a great item to keep stocked in your storefront.

Outside of residential use exists a type of key management that is required of large facilities and institutions. A small key safe will not be able to hold the number of credentials needed for users to access all the faculties. Key cabinets come in to play when there is a larger organization that has a high key turnover and userbase. Depending on the level of security that’s needed, finding a key cabinet that suits an organization will need consideration paid not only to how strict key management needs to be, but also how many keys will need to be accounted for. Features such as networking, user auditing and even installation requirements will play a large part in choosing a key storage solution that will best suit your customer’s needs.

Truck Locks

Vehicles are among our most expensive investments and we tend to take every precaution in securing them. From immobilizer chips to locks for literally every function the vehicle has, effort is made by automobile manufacturers to keep them locked down. However, there are some portions of the vehicle that are overlooked from the factory. When it comes to pick-up trucks tailgate theft and trailer theft have not decreased as years go by and locking solutions for these items remain a retail commodity that is worth keeping stocked in your storefront.


Originating as portable methods to secure wares for traveling merchants, Padlocks are one of the oldest applications of commercial security in the world. Padlocks take on shapes and sizes of all sorts and can easily be considered the poster child of security. Being available with combination dials to all manners of locking keyways, keeping a comprehensive stock of padlocks can be daunting. The types and quantities to carry require extensive market research and can vary significantly depending on location and season. However, with over 2,000 SKU’s in stock with three day shipping or faster to anywhere in the country, H.L. Flake will help you keep your bases covered.

Padlock Categories