Commercial Hardware

We cover all the options available to protect and secure any opening. From the locking device to the door closer, hinges and accessories, we are your source for commercial door hardware from the most popular brands in the industry.

Door Hardware

Commercial Door hardware covers everything from door levers, doorknobs and deadbolts to exit devices, door closers and hinges. Beyond these offerings one can even consider access control integration to be part of a commercial hardware selection. Even on strictly a mechanical level of securing a door, your approach as a locksmith has many factors to take into consideration.

Cabinet Locking Hardware

It’s easy to relegate cabinet locking hardware to only office use, but the term fully encompasses different variations of camlocks, drawer locks, switch-locks and plunger locks that will be found not just in cabinets, but also vending machines, mailboxes, arcade machines, drawers, small security boxes and more. While there isn’t an ANSI grading system in place for cabinet hardware, choosing what suits your customers’ needs will instead depend on the depth and orientation needed to secure their application. Brands such as Olympus Lock and CompX offer cabinet locking hardware in many varieties of configurations. While one might expect primarily an offering of disc tumbler or tubular cylinders for cabinet locks, you will find them with several locking mechanisms that include both electronic and mechanical pushbutton combinations, magnetic security and dial based security.

Gate Hardware

While it’s easy to overlook gate hardware as a product group to put a lot of consideration into, a gate is a door and it still needs to be secured in much of the same ways. Gates are beholden to much of the same hardware as any other door. Aside from traditional latches, closers play an important part in a gate installation. While traditionally many locksmiths have strayed away from gate hardware due to the time consumed by many of the installations, Locinox has introduced a line of no weld gate hardware that will allow for quick and easy installations. For those who have been omitting gate work from their store’s commercial hardware portfolio, this is a new and easy avenue to take and round out the services that your company provides.

Commercial Hardware Product Categories