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Key Control

Preventing the duplication of keys to a property can be difficult. Most hardware stores will have no issues with making copies of generic residential or commercial keys even if they are stamped as “do not duplicate”. However, with a restricted keyway, compatible key blanks are only sold to contracted locksmiths and construction companies. This level of key control will put customers at ease as the locksmith is able to perform an audit on their physical keys. This benefits the locksmith as they are the singular source of that key’s duplicates.

Key Control

Banner Solutions has options that step ahead of the competition by offering one of the most competitively priced Key Control Services available. Customers no longer have to worry about unauthorized copies of their keys being made without their knowledge. Our strictly controlled keyway of proprietary design with control of distributing, allows locksmiths to hold contracts and establish lasting business relationships with their customers.

  • Keyway to prevent unauthorized key duplication
  • Works with standard mortise, rim, key in knob
  • LFIC and SFIC cores
  • Utilizes the Best A2 pinning system
  • Made with Nickel Silver Keys and Pins
  • Each box of keys is assigned a serial number for key control and are sold separately from the cylinders
  • Competitive price point
  • Pinning kits available
  • 7 pin cylinders allows for large master key systems
  • Distributor administered program

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