Hinge Parts

In December of 2017, the Center for Medicare & Medicade Services released a memo stressing for a bigger focus on assessing ligature risk in healthcare environments. Currently, 75% of all psychiatric ward suicides are via asphyxiation through hanging or environment assisted strangulation.

While not all incidents are wholly preventable, the CMS understands that ligature resistant hardware is the best solution to protect safety of patients in these cases.

Ligature-Resistant Solutions

Banner Solutions partners with manufacturers that have been working with healthcare facilities nationwide to create security and locking hardware solutions designed to address even the most demanding applications. We deliver an unparalleled selection of long-lived, durable products, for every building and door, backed by the industry’s only Lifetime Warranty.

Locksets to address Managed Liability, Accident Prevention, Life Safety and Security in Behavioral Health Care Institutions. The shape and construction of specific locksets are designed to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc. to door knobs and levers. In addition, with the knobs/levers recessed into the rosettes, the chance of capturing a line between the knob/lever and rosette is substantially reduced. We also distribute a Lifesaver Series of anti-ligature hardware that meets or exceeds key healthcare regulations, such as JCAHO and ADA.

Our manufacturers take pride in keeping people safe. More than just distributing high-performance security lock systems, Banner Solutions partners with manufacturers who continue to enhance personal safety while providing convenience and ease of control through their full line of entrance security solutions.

Ligature-Resistant Categories