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IC Cores

Interchangeable SFIC and LFIC cores allow extraction of the core combinating components of a lock via specialized control keys. This feature allows the rekeying of multiple locks on a property quickly and easily.

Interchangeable Cores

Banner Solutions is proud to offer solutions and components from the pinnacle of today’s toughest mechanical security solutions. Whether it’s a mechanical lock or an electronic monitoring system, Banner Solutions promise durability and performance in a wide variety of applications.

Our Interchangeable Cores Are The Industry Standard

  • Tight tolerances to provide the highest level of mechanical security and enhance the integrity of the lock
  • 6- and 7-pin options to allow for a hybrid solution and ensure greatest number of key combinations
  • Multiple shear lines allow you to build multi-level access
  • Brass alloy construction that is tough, strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Individually capped chambers for easier maintenance and service
  • Pin segments help control tolerance and quality
  • Stringent quality control that ensures every part of the core and lock meet our industry-high standards

I/C Housing Systems

For locksmiths who manage security solutions on a large property, a lot of time can be spent on rekeying jobs. Interchangeable Cores introduce the ability to rekey a lock in a matter of seconds by foregoing the need to disassemble the door hardware, and instead simply swapping one combinated core for another one.

Small Format Interchangeable Cores – SFIC

An SFIC allows for a universal solution to property that can benefit from interchangeable cores. Regardless of the door hardware’s housing brand, all cores have a standardized form factor allowing brands to work interchangeably with each other.

Large Format Interchangeable Cores – LFIC

An LFIC differs from an SFIC core in that between brands the size and shape of the core can vary, even if they share the same keyway. In these cases one would need to match the door hardware’s LFIC housing to that lock’s same brand. The benefit of a Large Format Interchangeable Core, however, is that repinning the extracted core is an easier affair, making an LFIC a more attractive option depending on the amount of locks on a property that need to be maintained.

Interchangeable Cores Categories