Key Blanks

Banner Solutions wants to be your Key Blank Supplier! With thousands of common and specialty keyways in stock, we are a trusted source for keyblanks for commercial, residential, mail box, safety deposit, cabinet and vehicle applications. Banner Solutions also offers large selection of key chains, key storage, and key management products.

Key Blanks

As your preferred Key Blank Supplier, we think the best way to give your storefront a make-over and make it better welcome new customers is a display of decorative keys. A colorful wall of fun key designs is precisely what your customer expects to see at a box store to let them know that they are in the key duplication corner. As a storefront that is staffed with locksmith technicians and specializes in this field, you stand to make a grand impression by up-showing the box store’s meager corner by taking advantage of the greater space available to you. A customer may only come into your shop looking to make a single, simple duplicate, but if you capture their glance with an attractive display you may have them not only wanting to extend their order into picking up fun gifts for the family, but choosing an item that you will have a greater margin of profit on. Decorative key blanks will usually come packaged and ready for individual retail sale. If your shop is not setup for a slat or pegboard display of keys, manufacturers such as Lucky Line not only sell a whole array decorative keys, but also have counter and floor displays for many of their key designs.

Key Accessories

When it comes to merchandising, point-of-purchase product placement is a universal strategy found in every retail industry. Accessories like key-chains, rings, links and clips do very little to draw a customer to your store on their own, but if they are on display while your customer is having a key made, the key accessories may find themselves getting worked into your customer’s order before the key is even finished being cut. Like the decorative key blanks that they pair well with, key accessories are also often sold with standalone floor and counter displays. However, in addition to store displays, you can also buy accessories in portable kits. The universal nature of the key accessory allows them to do well for locksmiths with a storefront, but also mobile locksmiths (especially those who focus on Automotive work). It is not a tough stretch to upsell a brand new fobik or remote head key with a key tag or protective remote cover.

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