Rekeying Kits

The title of ‘Locksmith’ can be carried by different kinds of security professionals. The occupation is one that covers many breeds and specializations. The tools a Locksmith needs can vary just as much depending on their specialization. But rest assured, whether it’s rekeying a storefront door, or opening an automotive one, Banner Solutions has the Locksmith’s back with our variety of rekeying kits and rekeying tools.

Rekeying Tools, Rekeying Kits

The tools needed by a locksmith specializing in commercial and residential hardware may seem limitless at times. Sometimes a job only needs a bit of experience and a screwdriver, but there are times when a Locksmith will use everything in their tool bag and then some. When it comes to rekeying locks (a significant portion of a residential locksmith’s workload) there are a few must haves that will make the job go a whole lot smoother.

Pinning Kits

The capacity and variety of a pinning kit will dictate not just the type of locks, but the amount of locks that can be rekeyed. LAB is the leading manufacturer Of High Quality Lock Tumbler Pins worldwide. Their .003 Universal Pin System is considered to be the industry’s smoothest operating and most accurate universal pins available. LAB’s Mini Universal Rekeying Kits available in .003 and .005 increments are a great choice for a starting rekeying kit.


When rekeying a lock cylinder plug, placing pins and springs in chambers is a fine art that requires precission. When working in tight constraints, patience and finesse is a must, but with the right tool, repinning a plug can be a breeze. Pinning tweezers have ends specifically shaped for grasping the tiniest of pins and can take even those prone to fumbling to surgical precision.

Plug Followers

Speed up the rekeyeing process with a plug follower. The follower prevents top springs and pins from falling out of the housing when removing the cylinder plug. One can get away with the rekeying process without it, but if the job calls for servicing multiple doors and locks, minutes will add up. A $5 tool could potentially free up a locksmiths day for extra jobs that will pay it off immediately.

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