Residential Hardware

Whether your customer is seeking a high-end design or a good price point for their residential security hardware, we offer products to fit their needs. Satisfy your most discerning and thrifty customers with our extensive catalog of residential door hardware.

Door Hardware

For your customers who are homeowners seeking to change or upgrade their door hardware, it’s easy for you to focus entirely on trying to meet their needs by simply maintaining a high level of security in their door installation. However, if you really want them to feel great about their purchase you should work to coordinate styles and finishes to best match and compliment their home. Brands such as Kwikset and Schlage are offered in many finishes, levers, knobs and with a variety of roses and trims. Your customer does not have to be remodeling their home for attention to be paid to their hardware’s aesthetics. Seek input from your customer on their home’s décor and seek out if it’s traditional or more contemporary. Even if they don’t have a concrete answer for you the effort put forward to make their install perfect will be recognized.

Smart Locks

Access control is a hot commodity this year and while the commercial sector is a much larger consumer for access control security integration, residential applications have become plenty populated across all brands. There’s a lot of demand for integrated keypads in residential locks, and both Allegion and Kwikset’s residential locksets offer deadbolts with Bluetooth or have keypads integrated into their designs. Going a step further, Kwikset’s Kevo Deadbolts feature a mobile phone app that truly allows your customer to bring the commercial experience home by essentially turning their phone into a prox device.

Added Security

Quality door hardware does not end at the deadbolt and lockset itself, but also extends to the door’s frame and the quality of the hardware installed at the jamb. Forced entry from kicked in doors is not an uncommon reason that will bring a customer into your shop. Your responsibility aside from solving their hardware woes is to give them peace of mind. Most consumers are aware of beefing up their jamb hardware by installing longer screws in their hinges and strikes but may not know that their strikes and jambs themselves can see some upgrades.

Jamb Enforcer

A wooden door jamb can experience failure after what many would consider a minimal application of force. A good, well placed kick can send a doorlatch sheering through your customer’s front door’s jamb. Absolute Security’s Jamb Enforcer when installed in place over an existing door can prevent up to 450 pounds of force. The product is inexpensive and its retail packaging will occupy minimal floor space in your shop. Compounded by an installation that your customer can perform on their own in minutes, the Jamb Enforcer is a great item to keep stocked in retail.

Tuff Strike

Informed homeowners know that the screws and hardware packaged in the boxed deadbolts and door hardware are often insufficient. When installing the packaged strike they may know enough to request the 1” long screws provided by the manufacturer be replaced, but you can do them one better by offering a heavy duty strike as well. Tuff Strike’s Two Post Strike Plates further reinforce the door by incorporating cylindrical rods into it’s one-piece design, doubling up on its integration into the door jamb. It also carries a wider profile and further spreads apart the mounting screws ensuring a much stronger and stable strike installation. Tuff Strikes can be purchased to be sold with retail packaging, making it not only a good upgrade to package into a door hardware install, but also a smart item to keep around for customers looking to further secure their doors.

A New Way to Service

Original Lishi Tools are not a new presence for Locksmiths in the automotive market. When Mr. Li invented his 2-in-1 Tools, he aimed to create a tool that would not only pick locks, but also decode the cylinders to determine the cuts of the keys. For automotive locksmiths who have no choice but to do all work in the field these tools have proven to be invaluable. Now residential and commercial locksmiths can do the same with Lishi’s new line of Residential 2-in-1 Tools. These new tools designed for door hardware (and currently available for AM5, SC1, SC4, KW1 and KW10) With the ability to decode a lock and cut a new key without having to pull a cylinder plug or remove any hardware now an option, lockout services have just evolved.

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