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Logic Module

10BR3X (EA/1)

Programmable 3 Relay Advanced Logic Module with 13 Functions

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BR3-X Programmable 3-Relay Logic Module

BEA’s BR3-X provides both simple and advanced logic controls.

Functions include: timer, ratchet/latching, inhibitor, 2 relay sequencer + inhibitor, 2 relay sequencer + door position deactivation timer, 3 relay sequencer + “1-shot”, 3 relay sequencer with “independent relay”, interlock timer, interlock ratchet / latching, 2 way 2 relay sequence, normally locked restroom, normally unlocked restroom, 3 relay sequencer + “day / night mode”.

Common uses for the Br3-X include automatic pedestrian doors, access control, industrial automation and single-occupancy restrooms.

Features & Benefits
  • Versatility with 13 programmable logic functions for the BR3-X
  • Two-button programming combined with dual seven-segment display provides simple setup
  • Two 3-AMP relays and one 1-AMP relay, all with built-in surge suppression, eliminates the need for external components when installing some electric locking devices
  • WET output with AC / DC voltage for powering an electric locking device directly from the module


Logic Module

Manufacturer: BEA


Logic Module