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Air Louvers

Model 1900-A Fire Rated Louver - 24" x 12"


18 Gauge (.048") CRS frame, Mineral Bronze Powder Coated Finish

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1900A: Fire-Rated Adjustable Z-Blade Louver
  • This Adjustable Z-Blade Louver with Fusible Link is Ideal for Use in Fire Doors up to 1-1/2 Hour Rating
  • Ideal for installation in existing door cutouts
  • Operation - Adjustable blades of 16 gauge (.059”) CRS pivot on cadmium-plated steel rivets. The blades are operated by a manual adjusting lever. A spring loaded fusible link mechanism is incorporated into the design. Upon melting of the link at 165º F, the action bar is actuated, thereby closing and locking all of the blades.
  • Fire Ratings with UL & WHI Classification Marks Tested & Listed for UL10(b), and classified in accordance with UBC7-2-94, ASTM E152, CAN/ULC S104, NFPA 252. Install in accordance with NFPA80
  • Model 1900A is Rated for use in fire doors up to 1-1/2 hour rating. Louver size shall not exceed maximum of 576 sq. inches, 24”W and 24” H. The minimum width and height shall not be less than 10” and 6”, respectively. Louvers may be provided for classified hollow metal type and composite type fire doors


Model 1900-A Fire Rated Louver - 24" x 12"

Manufacturer: Air Louvers

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