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Corbin Russwin

DC6210 Series Surface Door Closer

DC6210-689-M54 (EA/1)

Spring size adjustable 1-6, Tri-packed, 689 Aluminum, SNB

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Surface Door Closer

Corbin Russwin’s history combines high-quality product and innovative design. That tradition continues with the Grade 1 DC6000 Series door closer, designed and engineered with quality features such as captured valves and a complete range of arms. The DC6000 series is the perfect closer for high-use openings or openings that must meet ADA requirements, such as schools, office buildings, health care facilities, and retail complexes. The series also meets UL and UL10C positive pressure requirements for fire door openings.

More than meets the eye…The design of the DC6000 Series incorporates internal advantages engineered to provide consistent quality operation. Double O-rings, a robust spring tube design and captured valves ensure longevity.

Engineered to meet high security standards, the DC6000 Series offers a full array of security features. Heavy-duty arms offer increased strength for high-use, high-abuse situations. Captured valves and optional Torx® security screws also assist in security situations by making the closer tamper resistant.

Key Advantages:
  • Heavy-duty forged arm
  • Spring-adjust
  • Captured valves
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Quik-Install™ bracket
  • Cast iron body
  • Powder painted arms

Conditions vary from job to job, but a top-quality product that is dependable, easy to install and versatile is a must. The DC6000 Series door closer is the solution. A variety of features makes this the choice for quick installation and longevity. Corbin Russwin offers a wide variety of arms, tracks and special brackets to meet special header/ frame conditions. The small footprint and unobtrusive cover are additional advantages to a versatile line of closers.

Features & Benefits:
Exceeds 25 Million Cycles:
  • Ensures dependability and long life
Closer Arms:
  • Forged steel main arm for strength and durability
  • Full complement to meet most installation demands
Powder Painted:
  • Environmentally safe process
  • Greater corrosion resistance
Cover Options:
  • Plastic covers - painted finishes
  • Metal covers - painted or plated finishes
Cast Iron Body:
  • Strong and durable; withstands expected abusive conditions
Captured Valves:
  • Reduces possibility of valve removal
Spring Adjust:
  • Easier to adjust for optimum power setting
  • Chrome silicon wire, triple set for longer life
Closer Fluid:
  • Extended temperature oil with friction-reduction additives
Self-Drilling Screws:
  • Easier, quicker installation
Quik-Install™ Bracket:
  • Easier installation of closer body
Spring Power:
  • DC6200 closers:
    • multi-sized; fully adjustable sizes 1 through 6.
  • DC6400 closers:
    • sizes 1 through 6; half-size adjustability.
  • Non-handed
  • (with the exception of some arms and accessories)
  • Cast-iron case with seamless cold headed steel spring tube.
  • Standard: forged steel.
  • Heat-treated steel with a crowned gear set for increased efficiency.
  • 1-3/8" diameter; precision machined, heattreated steel.
  • Chrome silicon wire.
  • Latching speed valve standard.
  • Closing speed valve standard.
  • Multiple backcheck location valve and backcheck intensity valve standard.
  • Delayed action valve optional. Delayed action preset for 20 seconds. Between 90° and 70° for all mountings. To order specify M71.
  • "O" rings.
  • Standard:
    • high lubricity extreme temperature hydraulic fluid.
Degree of Opening:
  • Up to full 180° opening standard for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mountings, conditions permitting.
Power Adjustment Arm Bracket:
  • 15% adjustment standard.
  • Standard:
    • Plastic V-O flame rated cover.
  • Optional:
    • Full metal cover; specify M73 x hand.
  • Standard:
    • Regular or top jamb.
  • Parallel arm or tri-style packaging:
    • Specify DC6210 or DC6410.
Mounting Bracket:
  • Quik-Install™ mounting bracket standard.
  • Standard:
    • Self-drilling screws.
  • Optional:
    • Sex nuts and bolts (SNBs); specify M54.
Corrosion Protection:
  • Painted protective coating on all metal surfaces for use in corrosive environments.
Security Package:
  • Includes heavy-duty parallel or regular arm, full metal cover and security Torx® machine screws.
  • Specify M87 x arm x hand.
  • 25-year limited warranty.
  • Refer to Corbin Russwin price book for details.
  • 600 (USP) - Primed
  • BHMA 605 (US3)* - Bright Brass
  • BHMA 606 (US4)* - Satin Brass
  • BHMA 611 (US9)* - Bright Bronze
  • BHMA 612 (US10)* - Satin Bronze
  • 613E - Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Equivalent
  • BHMA 625 (US26)* - Bright Chromium Plated
  • BHMA 626 (US26D)* - Satin Chromium Plated
  • 689 (SBL) - Silver Aluminum
  • 690 (LBL) - Dark Bronze
  • 691 (DBL) - Light Bronze
  • 693 (FBL) - Black
  • 696 (GBL) - Satin Brass
  • BSP - Black Suede Powder Coat
  • WSP - White Suede Powder Coat
  • *Metal cover is required for these finishes.
  • For split finish on closer cover and arm, specify cover finish first, then arm finish. (e.g., DC6200 x 625 x 689).
Barrier-Free Code Compliance:
  • The DC6000 Series Door Closers listed below conform to the 5 lbf. maximum door opening force requirement for nonfire- rated interior hinged doors, according to:
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):
  • Complies with the Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Section 4.13.11
  • Meets A156.4, Grade 1.
  • Meets A117.1.
  • DC6200, DC6412
  • DC6210, DC6421
  • DC6220, DC6401
  • DC6411
  • These door closers are certified by Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware to comply with the above standards when properly installed and (if applicable) adjusted, in regular arm, parallel arm and top jamb mountings.
UL / ULC / UL10c:
  • Listed for fire and cycle requirements
15 Million Cycles:
  • Witnessed and verified by UL


DC6210 Series Surface Door Closer

Manufacturer: Corbin Russwin

Finish: 689/ALUM/SP28-Aluminum Painted

Function: Tri-Packed Non-Hold Open Arm

Series: DC6000 Series

Grade: ANSI/BHMA Grade 1

Spring Size: Adjustable 1-6

Mount: Push or Pull Side