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60-Single Cylinder Deadbolt62-Double Cylinder DeadboltDCT-Double Cylinder DeadboltSCT-Single Cylinder DeadboltS-Single Cylinder DeadboltIND-Occupancy Indicator x Thumbturn1-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt2-Cylinder x Cylinder Deadbolt3-Cylinder x Blank Rose Deadbolt6-Cylinder x Classroom Thumbturn Deadbolt351-Double Cylinder352-Cylinder x Thumbturn353-Single Cylinder354-Exit Thumbturn Only356-Double Cylinder with Thumbturn357-Cylinder x Thumbturn74-Double Cylinder Deadlock75-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadlock76-Single Cylinder Deadlock77-Classroom x Thumbturn Deadlock78-Public Toilet Deadlock79-Exit Deadlock4-Double Cylinder Deadlock5-Single Cylinder w/Thumbturn Deadlock6-Single Cylinder w/Blank Plate Deadlock7-Classroom w/Thumbturn Deadlock9-Exit/Thumbturn Inside Deadlock50-Single Cylinder Deadlatch (Night Latch)52-Double Cylinder Deadlatch61-One Way Deadbolt63-Classroom Deadbolt71-Occupancy Indicator x Thumbturn80-No Trim x Thumbturn81-Blank Plate x Thumbturn64-Cylinder x No Trim60-Cylinder x Turn Dead Bolt61-Cylinder x Blank Plate Dead Bolt62-Cylinder x Cylinder Dead Bolt63-Cylinder x Classroom Dead Bolt80-Turn x Blank Plate Dead Bolt61-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt62-Cylinder x Cylinder Deadbolt60-Thumbturn x Blank Plate Deadbolt63-Cylinder x Blank Plate Deadbolt64-Cylinder x Thumbturn (Classroom) DeadboltS-Single Keyed-Classroom DeadboltK-Single Keyed-Turnknob DeadboltM-Double Keyed Deadbolt17-Classroom-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt12-Double Cylinder Deadbolt13-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt60-Thumbturn x Blank Deadbolt22-Double Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt11-Cylinder x Blank Deadbolt11-Cylinder x Blank Plate Deadbolt80-Single Cylinder Deadbolt81-Single Cylinder SFIC Deadbolt82-Double Cylinder Deadbolt83-Double Cylinder SFIC Deadbolt86-Classroom Deadbolt87-Classroom SFIC Deadbolt85-Indicator Deadbolt11-Classroom Function Deadbolt21-Single Cylinder x Blank Rose Deadbolt31-Cylinder x Cylinder Deadbolt41-Single Cylinder x Turn Deadbolt61-Turn, Inside Only61M-Turn, Inside x Rose71-Turn, Inside x Occupancy Indicator0-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt3-Cylinder x Cylinder Captive Deadbolt15-Cylinder x Thumbturn Deadbolt1-Unit Configuration3-Suite Configuration5-Common Configuration
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Deadbolt Locks (1071)

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