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105 Degree Hold Open180 Degree Pocket Door3/4 Offset3/4" Offset-20 Minute3/4" Offset-3 Hour3/4" Offset-Lead Lined90 Degree Hold Open90 Degree Pocket DoorA1-Hold Open ArmA10-Heavy Duty Reg ArmA11-Heavy Duty Unitrol ArmA12-Heavy Duty Unitrol with HOA2-Heavy Duty Parallel with HOA3-Heavy Duty Parallel ArmA4-Heavy Duty Parallel with BackstopA5-Heavy Duty Parallel with Backstop & HOAutomatic Hold OpenAutomatic Hold OpenBi-Pack Hold OpenBi-Pack Non-Hold OpenBody OnlyCLP-CloserPlus ArmCLP-CloserPlus Hold Open ArmCNS-H Cush ArmCPS-CloserPlus Spring ArmCPST_CloserPlus Spring Arm w/Hold OpenDE-Double Egress ArmDetectoredDouble ActingDouble ActingDouble Lever ArmDS-Dead Stop ArmDS-Door Saver ParallelDS/HO-Dead Stop Arm with H-OEDA-Extra Duty ArmElectromagneticExtra Duty Regular ArmFH-Friction Hold OpenFHP-Friction Hold OpenFL-Fusible Link ArmFloor Mount Double DoorFloor Mount Single DoorFriction Hold OpenFriction Holder/StopH-Hold Open ArmHA-Hold OpenHD Parallel Arm-Compression Hold OpenHD Parallel Arm-Compression StopHD Parallel Arm-Hold OpenHD Parallel Arm-Non Hold OpenHD Parallel Arm-Spring StopHD Parallel Arm-StopHD Parallel Arm-Stop Hold OpenHD Parallel Arm-Thumbturn Hold OpenHeader AssemblyHeavy Duty Dead Stop Arm-HOHeavy Duty Dead Stop Arm-NHOHO Arm with PA BracketHold Open ArmHold Open ArmHold Open Arm w/62PAHold Open-105 Degree SwingHold Open-90 Degree SwingHolder/StopHW/PA-Hold Open Arm w/PA ShoeIndependant Pocket PivotIndependent HungIndependent Hung-3 HourInternal Holder/StopIS-HD Cushion-RegLAP-Body Only-NHOLAP-Body Only-NHO-LHLAP-Body Only-NHO-RHLAP-Body Only-SHO-LHLAP-Body Only-SHO-RHMulti-FunctionNHO Arm with PA BracketNHO-Non Hold OpenNon-DetectoredNon-Hold Open (NHO)Non-Hold Open ArmNon-Hold Open-105 Degree SwingNon-Hold Open-90 Degree SwingO-Standard ArmOperator Pull SideOperator Push SidePA Flush FramePA Plunger Hold OpenPA Rigid Hold OpenPA StopPA Thumbturn Hold OpenPAR-Parallel Arm MountParallel ArmParallel Arm Flush Transom BracketParallel Arm Non-Hold OpenParallel Arm ShoeParallel Rigid Arm Non-Hold OpenParallel Rigid Hold Open ArmPH-Plunger Hold OpenPTO Support UnitPush or Pull Side ArmsRecessed Flush Wall MountRecessed Wall MountREG-Regular ArmRegular ArmRO-Wrought Standard ArmRUO-Wrought Universal ArmRW/62A-Regular Arm w/Aux PA ShoeRW/PA-Regular Arm w/PA ShoeSCNS-Spring H Cush ArmSelective Hold OpenSF-Swing Free ArmSingle ActingSingle ActingSlide TrackSlide Track ArmSmok_ChekStandard ArmStandard ArmStandard ArmStandard TrackStandard TrackStandard TrackSTD-Standard ArmStop OnlySurface Wall MountSwing FreeTop Jamb Hold OpenTop Jamb Non-Hold OpenTrack ArmTrack Roller with SliderTri-Pack Hold OpenTri-Packed Hold Open ArmTri-Packed Non-Hold Open ArmTri-Packed Standard ArmUH-Universal Holder ArmUO-Universal ArmAdapterSwitchSpindleBoxRollerSpacerCoverplateCapPlugCoverDrop PlateBracketHO - Hold Open ArmHCUSH-Hold Open Cush-N-Stop ArmCush-n-Stop ArmRegular ArmTrackBackplateWrenchHEDA-Hold Open Extra Duty ArmSHCUSH-Spring HO Cush-N-Stop ArmSCUSH-Spring Cush-N-Stop ArmControllerBumperMPDO Master UnitMPSO Support UnitPTDO Master UnitPart/ComponentMagnetMounting PlateTransformerReceiverScrew PackArm PackCement CaseSpindle CollarFloor PlateTop PivotBottom PivotSS-Spring N Stop ArmSS/HO-Hold Open Spring N Stop ArmDoor HolderAdjustable StopJP9-Parallel ArmPCTB2-Push Side Non-Hold OpenHD/PA-Heavy Duty Arm w/PA ShoeHTB-Track Holder BumperExtra Duty Arm with Stop
100 Series4050 Series5030_SeriesD1611 SeriesD3551 SeriesD4551 SeriesU1500 Series10 Series1250 Series1260 Series1331 Series1431 Series1450 Series1460 Series1530 Series1540 Series1560 Series1600BC Series1601 Series161 Series1900 Series2030 Series2100 Series2700 Series28 Series281 Series30 Series3000 Series3130 Series316 Series351 Series4010 Series4020 Series4030 Series4040SE Series4040XP Series410 Series4110 Series4110T Series416 Series4210 Series4310ME Series4400 Series4410ME Series450 Series4630 Series4640 Series4810 Series4820 Series4840 Series50 Series5016N Series51 Series5200 Series5300 Series5400 Series5600 Series5700 Series5800 Series590 Series6000 Series6030 Series6300 Series7200 Series7300 Series7400 Series7500 Series7700PT Series78-B/F Series8101 Series8200 Series8301 Series8501 Series8600 Series8900 Series900 Series9130 Series9140 Series9300BC Series9500 Series9530 Series9540 Series9550 Series980 Series990 SeriesAO19 SeriesBTS75 SeriesBTS80 SeriesDC300 SeriesDC3000 SeriesDC500 SeriesDC6000 SeriesDC8000 SeriesDCH1000 SeriesDCL2000 SeriesDCM1000 SeriesDCR8000 SeriesED900 SeriesEM SeriesITS96 SeriesPAH60 SeriesRTS SeriesSC60A SeriesSC70A SeriesSC80A SeriesSC90 SeriesSEM7800 SeriesTC7700 SeriesTS93 Series27-90 Degree Swing27-105 Degree SwingF27-90 Degree SwingF27-105 Degree SwingPH27-90 Degree SwingPH27-105 Degree SwingQ27-105 Degree SwingL27-105 Degree SwingL27-90 Degree Swing27-180 Degree Swing28-90 Degree Swing28-105 Degree SwingPH28-90 Degree SwingPH28-105 Degree Swing0600-Pull Side Mount0601-Push Side Mount4 Pull6 Pull50/51 Series350 Gate CloserOffset Floor Closer218 Series PivotQ27 Series30/40 Series2210 Series800 Series2000 Series1 Series1131 Series116 Series210 Series1261 Series6 Series8 Series2 Series27 Series40 Series70 Series9 Series90 Series1800 Series20 Closer Body21 Closer Package1700 Series2400 SeriesQDC100 SeriesQDC200 SeriesQDC300 Series1000 SeriesDCH4000 Series5100 Series550 SeriesPH28-95 Degree Swing1ADJ Series7900 SeriesED50 Series422 Series Closer5030 Series4000T Series4010T Series510 SeriesH28-90 Degree SwingH28-105 Degree Swing2300 SeriesParts/AccessoriesDP SeriesARM SeriesBHDC2011 SeriesBHDC1958 Series