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7500 Series Surface Door Closer

7500-689-SN (EA/1)

Adjustable Sizes 1 Thru 6, Tri Packed, Regular Arm, 689 Aluminum Finish, Including Sex Nuts

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List Price: $538.00

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7500 Series

Institutional Door Closer

The 7500 Series Door Closer offers customers the ideal combination of superior performance, strength and quality. Ideal for interior orexterior doors in facilities that demand reliability.

Aluminum Alloy Housing:

Closer bodies are constructed of a specialaluminum alloy, carefully selected toaccommodate interactive steel componentsand operating conditions.

Rack & Pinion Operation:

Provides a smooth constant control of thedoor through its full opening and closingcycle. 180° door swing can be achievedwhen door, frame, hardware and armfunction do not interfere.


With few exceptions all series 7500door closers are non-handed and canbe installed on either right or left handswing doors. Pinion shaft extends verticallythrough the closer body in both directions.Some options, as noted on pages 6-8,will require that the hand of the closer bespecified.

Sweep Speed Control Valve:

Allows adjustment of door speed fromthe door's full open position down toapproximately 10° from the closed position.

Latch Speed Control Value:

Allows adjustment of door speed from approximately 10° down to the door’s fully closed position.

Tri-Style® Packing:

7500 comes with screws, brackets andsoffit plates to allow for regular, top jamb,and parallel arm installations.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushion Valve:

Provides control of the door in the openingcycle, beginning at approximately 75° ofdoor opening. It slows/cushions the dooropening, when the door is forcibly openedbeyond its pre-adjusted limits.

Adjustable Backcheck Position Valve:

Allows the door opening position, wherebackcheck cushioning begins, to be adjustedto a greater door angle, up to a maximumof 20° farther (approximately 95°).

Standard Molded Cover:

Molded of high-impact U.L. listed materialand covers the entire closer body assembly.This cover is non-handed for all applications.


These closers carry a limited 25-yearwarranty against defect, and life of thebuilding on the aluminum housing.

Closer Fluid:

NorGlide® closer fluid is a speciallyformulated multi-viscosity hydraulic fluidthat contains lubricity and anti-oxidationagents that provide optimum performanceand efficiency. This fluid complements theinteraction of the door closer's aluminumhousing with its steel and brass components,while maintaining stable viscosity to allowthe door closer to perform in temperaturesranging from extremely high to as low as -40° F.

Door Closer Power Options:

Series 7500 Multi-Sized Door CloserAdjustable through the entire power rangeof door closer sizes 1 through 6, asoutlined in ANSI/BHMA standard A156.4.

The series 7500 also conforms to theminimum opening force requirements of theAmericans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) andANSI/BHMA standard A117.1 for interior doors.

Optional Features:
Corrosion-Resistant Door Closer:

The series 7500SS door closers withmolded plastic cover are available for usewhere corrosive conditions exist. This seriesis provided with brass adjustment valves,a 440 grade stainless steel pinion shaft,an all-aluminum body and bronze closerarm bushings; all other components are of302/303 grade stainless steel. Fastenersare 8-18 stainless steel. This product isavailable for standard regular arm, topjamb and parallel arm, non-hold open,applications only.

Optional Metal Cover:

This steel cover is non-handed for regularand parallel arm applications, but is handedfor top jamb applications. Cover is availablein sprayed or architectural plated finishes.

Security Cover:

Supplied standard with all series 7570door closers. This deep drawn steel coveris handed for all applications. The cover isfastened to the closer body at two points ontop and to the door closer body stand-offs attwo points on the bottom.

Optional ABS Cover:

Consult factory for details

Enhanced Backcheck:

is feature provides adjustable backcheckintensity beginning at approximately 15degrees of the door opening cycle. It isintended for use in situations where thestandard backcheck beginning atapproximately 75° of door opening allowstoo much unrestricted door travel to obtaincontrol of the door without the fear ofperipheral damage to the door closer, door,frame, hinges or pivots; or adjacent walls orstructures. This feature is most frequently usedin schools and detention facilities. Specifysuffix EBC.

Adjustable Delayed Action Closing:

An optional hydraulic feature that adds athird speed range to the closing cycle. Thisfeature becomes effective when the door isopened and released at any point beyond70°. The amount of time delay dependsupon the combination of the angle of doorrelease and valve adjustment. The valve canbe adjusted with a 1/8" (3mm) hex key fromno delay time up to maximum delay times of:

  • 180° 4-5 minutes
  • 120° 2-3 minutes
  • 90° 25-30 seconds

Pressure Relief Safety Valve:

The delayed action hydraulic system containsa pressure relief valve. Any time the dooris forced toward the closed direction whileit is in the closing cycle, the valve will openand permit the door to close. This preventsdamage to door, frame and closer.

Suggested Applications:

Suggested ApplicationsDelayed Action closing allows slow-movingtraffic to clear the opening before the doorcloser’s normal closing cycle begins. Thisfeature can be helpful in health care facilitiessuch as hospitals and nursing homes. Itprovides sufficient time for persons oncrutches or in wheelchairs to pass througha door without concern of it closing. At thesame time, it can accommodate the facility'sstaff with movement of food service carts,beds, and other wheeled traffic.

Use of delayed action closers on manydoors throughout industrial and commercialbuildings can also assist the flow of traffic.Locations where additional time to clear theopening is advantageous are doors betweenoffice and factory/warehouse facilities,doors to workshops or laboratories, to kitchenand food processing areas, etc.

Optional Features Arms:
Non-Hold Open:

Self-closes door every time door is opened.Auxiliary stop (by others) required exceptwhen using the CloserPlus®, CloserPlusSpring™ or Unitrol® arms.

Hold Open:

Achieved by means of friction or balland detent/roller. Friction hold open hasa range of 90° to 180° using templatelocation and mechanical adjustment. Balland detent or roller hold open is effectivein a range of 85° to 110°.

Hold open arm door closers are not permitted to be used on fire door assemblies


7500 Series Surface Door Closer


7500 Series Surface Door Closer