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Corbin Russwin

8000 Series Interchangeable Core Only

CR8000-6-59B1-606 (EA/1)

LFIC Standard 6-Pin Core Only, 59B1 keyway, 606 Satin Brass, 0-Bitted

List Price: $80.00

Keying Options
No Special Keying ($0.00)
Key Locks Differently (Interchangeable Core-Per Core) ($12.00)
Key Locks Alike (Interchangeable Core-Per Core) ($12.00)
Control Keying Options
No Control Key ($0.00)
Add Control Key ($5.00)
For additional keying options or questions please contact us.
This product contains 1 cylinders per lock and is typically keyed alike in quantities of 1.
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8000 Series

Interchangeable Core Only

Interchangeable cores provide rekeying convenience for virtually all types of keying systems. This type of cylinder saves time and money over the life of a building.

  • 7-Pin
  • VKC (Visual Key Control)
  • CKC (Concealed Key Control)
  • Construction Master Keying
  • Restricted/Patented Keyways
  • Pyramid
  • Rekeying can be done by non-technical personnel without removing hardware from the door. When used system wide, IC provides tremendous rekeying convenience. When planned from the inception of a system, IC cylinders can be integrated with conventional cylinders.
  • IC is recommended for virtually all types of keying systems, such as office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and universities. When used in exit devices and other installations which are labor intensive to rekey, IC saves time and money over the life of the building.
  • All operating keys (change, master, grand master) operate the lock normally. To rekey, use the special control key. The control key operates at a separate shear line in certain chambers within the core. Only the control key is required to remove and install a core.
  • Cores are available in 6-pin (standard), 7-pin, security and Pyramid. Two nickel silver change keys are furnished standard per core. Control keys will be furnished when ordered.
Construction Keying:
  • Corbin Russwin recommends temporary construction cores for greater security. Special construction master keying is also available, when planned from the inception of the keying system.
Core Marking:
  • Concealed Key Control (CKC) is available for all Corbin Russwin cores.
  • 606 & 626


8000 Series Interchangeable Core Only

Control Keyblank Grouping: CRRS-59B1-6-1

Cylinder Type: C6-IC 6-Pin

Finish: 606/US4-Satin Brass

Finish Description: Satin Brass

Keyblank Grouping: CRRS-59B1-6-1

Keying Charges: CIADM

Keyway: Corbin Russwin 59B1

Manufacturer: Corbin Russwin

Product Type: Cylinder/IC Core

Series: CR8000


8000 Series Interchangeable Core Only