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RTS88 Series Overhead Concealed Door Closer

RTS26-105-HO-SZ-4 (EA/1)

Offset Slide Arm - Single-Acting 3/4 Offset Pivot Hung 105 degrees Cushion Hold Open Size 4 - Strongest Closing Force

List Price: $651.00

Limited Availability
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RTS88 Series

Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Invisible door control — Dependable and easy to install
Architects are often challenged to design buildings that are both beautiful and functional, down to the last detail. The DORMA RTS88 overhead concealed door closer offers the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed door closer.

The RTS88 is designed to give lasting, dependable service where surface applied units and other types of closers are not suitable, or would interfere with the architectural design. The RTS88 may be easily installed in wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames, for single and double-acting doors. Contractors appreciate the RTS88 closer, because the majority of door and frame preparation is done prior to installation of the unit, resulting in less on-site machining. The RTS88 is also an excellent replacement closer for problem entrances encountering vandalism of surface applied closers.

The RTS88 closer has a compact body size which fits into a 1-3/4" × 4" header for aluminum frames and is also easily adaptable to wood and hollow metal frame configurations.

Openings fitted with the RTS88 are capable of 90° or 105° maxi-mum opening door swing, trim conditions permitting. Sweep and latch closing speeds are con-trolled by two noncritical temper-ature compensating valves to insure constant closing speeds even under the most extreme temperature conditions. A built-in pressure relief valve protects the closer from abuse due to forced closing. A cushion at 90° or 105°, depending on the model selected, helps protect the door, frame, and adjoining structure.

  • The RTS88 may be used on doors weighing up to a maximum of 250 lb (interior) or 200 lb (exterior), including all hardware. The closer may be used on exterior doors up to a maximum 3'-6" width and interior doors up to a maximum 4' width.
  • A complete line of accessories is available for wood, aluminum, and hollow metal applications, both single and double-acting center hung doors, and hinged or offset pivoted single-acting doors.
  • Other accessories include cover plates for wood, aluminum, and hollow metal frames, and extended spindles for increased clearances at the top of the door. Optional hold open units are available, effective at either 90° or 105°.
Technical Details:
  • Compact closer body is designed to fit into headers as small as 1-3/4"×4".
  • Closer body is non-handed.
  • One closer for both single-acting or double-acting doors.
  • Accommodates maximum door weight of 250 lb (interior) or 200 lb (exterior), including all hardware.
  • A pressure relief valve protects closer from damage caused by forced closing.
  • An integral cushion limits door swing to 90° or 105°. An auxiliary stop must always be installed in conjunction with RTS88.
  • A mechanical backcheck slows down the door prior to contact with the cushion.
  • Closing speeds are controlled by two non-critical adjustment valves. Sweep area is from 105°–20°. Latch area is from 20°–0°.
  • Thermostatic valves insure constant closing speeds under varying temperatures.
  • The standard RTS88 is furnished without hold open. Optional single point mechanical hold open is available at 90° or 105°.
  • The RTS88 BFI and RTS 88 BFE are available in 105° NHO and 105° HO only.
  • The RTS88 offers a cast-iron body along with heavy-duty ball bearings at the spindle.
  • Steel cam and roller assembly is coupled to dual steel pistons.
  • Mounting brackets are avail-able to install closer into alu-minum or wood headers.
  • Packages are available for side load, end load, and offset slide arm applications. For independently hung doors with 8812 slide arm, the maximum degree of opening and hold open angle may vary slightly.
  • No. 8532 steel header mount-ing channel is specifically designed to install the RTS series closer into open-throat steel header sections. Normal-ly, the mounting channel is installed in the header prior to shipment to the job site.
  • No. 8521E add-on spindle ex-tension is available for special applications where additional clearance is required between the closer body and the door.
  • Cover plates are available for virtually any type header material.
  • No. 8820J conversion bracket is available for replacement of existing overhead concealed closers with the RTS88.
  • The RTS88 will consist of a steel cam, rollers, and springs housed in a compact cast iron body.
  • Closers will be capable of being installed in minimum 1-3/4"×4" headers.
  • RTS88 will have maximum door opening to 90° or 105°, trim conditions permitting.
  • Sweep and latch speed will be controlled by two noncritical adjustment valves from 90° or 105° to closed.
  • Built-in pressure relief valve will protect the closer from abuse caused by forced closing.
  • A cushion at 90° or 105° will be provided to help protect the door and frame.
  • The RTS88 closer will be available with hold open at 90° or 105°, or without hold open.
  • The RTS BFI and BFE are available with 105° hold open only.
  • Optional extended spindle will be available in 3/16" integral length or 1-3/16" add-on length.
  • Accessories will be available for single and double-acting doors as well as independently hung installations for wood, aluminum, and hollow metal doors and frames.
  • The RTS88 BFI meets the 5 lb maximum opening force requirement for interior 3'–0" wide center hung single or double-acting doors.
  • Both the RTS88 BFI and RTS88 BFE are suited for easy retrofit of Jackson, Rixson 608, and similar style closers.
  • The RTS88 BFI and RTS88 BFE are available in 105° NHO and 105° HO only.
Cover Plate Finishes:
(Steel or Wood Frame)
  • Aluminum - 689
  • Bronze - 691 (Dull), 690 (Statuary), or 695 (Dark Duranodic)
  • Gold - 696
  • Black - 693
Optional Plated Finishes:
  • Brass - 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin)
  • Bright Bronze - 611 (Bright), 612 (Satin), or
    613 (Oxidized Satin Oil Rubbed)
  • Nickel - 618 (Bright) or 619 (Satin)
  • Chrome - 625 (Bright) or 626 (Satin)
Cover Plate Finishes:
(Aluminum Frame)
  • Aluminum - 689
  • Bronze - 695 (Dark Duranodic)
  • Black - 693
  • Warranty1: For details, refer to DORMA Limited Warranty on our website at
  • 1. Details of DORMA's Limited Warranty may be found on our website. Express-ly excluded is warranty for improper installation or misuse of the product. Overtravel or shock loading of the cushion bumper in the RTS88 closer, at the limit of door travel, constitutes misuse and/or improper installation. Always use an auxiliary stop with RTS88 closer installations.


RTS88 Series Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Function: 105 Degree Hold Open

Manufacturer: Dorma

Product Type: Door Closer/Holder/Stop