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Manufacturer Surcharges

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
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Manufacturer Surcharge

As a result of the dramatic cost increases affecting primary commodities and raw materials used to produce hardware – steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, zinc, electronic components - a number of our suppliers are implementing a surcharge to products impacted by these increases. These surcharges range from 3% - 15% and apply to varying products and brands. These surcharges will go into effect at different times as directed by the manufacturer.

Brand / Products Surcharge Percentage Date Effective
Cal-Royal 12.5%07/19/2021
Corbin Russwin / Egress 3%07/12/2021
Ilco 7.5%07/12/2021
McKinney 4%07/12/2021
Medeco / CLIQ/XT/Nexgen 3%07/12/2021
NGP 10%09/20/2021
Norton / Egress 3%07/12/2021
Pamex 8%08/1/2021
PDQ 7%08/15/2021
Pemko 7% to 15%07/12/2021
PHG 12.5%08/1/2021
Reese 10%08/1/2021
Rixson / Egress 3%07/12/2021
Rockwood / Accessories 15%07/12/2021
Rockwood / Architectural 3.5%07/12/2021
Rockwood / Lites/Louvers 10%07/12/2021
Sargent / Egress 3%07/12/2021
Securitech 4%07/6/2021
Trimco 12.5%07/12/2021
Unison 7.5%07/6/2021
Yale / Egress 3%07/12/2021

On, users will see a note on any product carrying such a surcharge.


Our suppliers have noted that they expect this to be short term and hope to rescind all or part of these surcharges as the opportunity arises in this evolving environment.

We understand that these increasing costs impact you and your customers as well.We will keep you informed of any updates from our suppliers regarding these surcharges. If you have any questions regarding these surcharges, please contact our Technical Sales team.

Thank you for your support and continued business.