HL Flake Aquisition

Thursday, April 01, 2021
HL Flake Aquisition Image

The Undisputed Destination for Locksmiths and Security Professionals.

Banner Solutions has acquired H.L. Flake Security Hardware, the leading wholesalers in the locksmith and security professional channel! By acquiring H.L. Flake, Banner Solutions adds a wealth of expertise and history in the locksmith channel, as well as an assortment of product to more completely service the needs of the locksmith. We are very excited to bring H.L. Flake onto the Banner Solutions platform.

From their beginnings as a bicycle retailer to today, H.L. Flake has now spent 109 years focused on their customers. This tradition of customer-focused service brings additional momentum to Banner Solutions goal of delivering beyond expectations for every customer, every time.


Why did H.L. Flake decide to sell to Banner Solutions?

H.L. Flake is proud of the business we’ve built over the years and the customer relationships that have fueled our success. Our goal has always been to find better ways to serve security professionals. With an industry-best distribution network and product offering that covers all the bases, we saw a clear opportunity to enhance our value propostion. Further, the Banner Solutions team is focused on the customer experience – we’re not simply joining a fulfillment operation, we’re joining a team of problem-solvers. This aligns perfectly with H.L. Flake’s goal of being the destination of choice for the Locksmith and Security Professional.

How will this affect my relationship with H.L. Flake?

While nothing will change immediately, over time we will be working towards integrating H.L. Flake into the Banner Solutions platform. Our goal throughout this process is to ensure no disruption to your business. As such,we promise to keep you up-to-date on any changes that will be visible to our customers. That said, the team of people you have come to rely on will still be here to support you and you will not need to change the way you interact with us.

Is this good for H.L. Flake and it’s customers?

This is great news. As a part of a larger platform, H.L. Flake customers will benefit from the industry’s largest one-day shipping footprint. Our customers will also see an increase in the depth and breadth of our offering.With a combined inventory, we’ll be able to deliver a product solution for every type of project our customers encounter. Both in the short-term and in the long-term, this will make us a better source for our customers.

Does this mean I can now order products previously sold through Banner Solutions from H.L. Flake?

Not immediately, but soon. We’re working quickly to ensure that H.L. Flake is able to leverage the full Banner Solutions offering as quickly as possible.

Will this affect my account or business agreements?

No, all customer accounts and programs will remain in place and you will experience no changes to our working relationship.

Will I be able to use bannersolutions.com to conduct business with H.L. Flake?

Until H.L. Flake is fully integrated onto the Banner Solutions platform, customers should continue to use the sites independently. Eventually, H.L. Flake accounts will be migrated to Banner Solutions, but until that time, assume business as usual with both brands.

How long before the businesses are fully-integrated?

We expect to have H.L. Flake fully integrated onto the Banner Solutions platform by the end of 2021.

Will there be any changes to the staff at H.L. Flake?

The same H.L. Flake team members you’ve come to rely on will remain in place as a part of Banner Solutions.

Who do I call if there are any general questions?

You can reach out to your regular contacts by phone or email, or contact David Cain, david.cain@hlflake.com